3 Ways to Keep Your Coolwhile looking after your toddler

If you think that you can keep calm, cool and collected all the time when there’s a toddler at home, you have to think again. Looking after children can be particularly stressful. Even childminders or babysitters who only look after children for a few hours can buckle under the stress of running around little children. People don’t expect you as parents to keep it all together when you’re with children almost 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. But blowing your top in front of the children you’re meant to look after isn’t good for you or the children.

Here are the three tips to minimise your explosions in front of the children. Note that I said minimise, not totally stop because it’s unrealistic. So, if once in a while you can’t help but let off steam in front of the children, don’t beat yourself over it. It doesn’t mean you’re a bad parent.

  1. Escape “stressful days”

This may sound a really silly thing to say because “stressful days” is almost every day in a household with a toddler. It’s days when your toddler is over-tired and that’s every day, when you have PMS, it can be two weeks a month, when the babysitter doesn’t turn-up, when your husband comes home and complains about his day.

How on earth will you be able to escape those “stressful days” when they’re almost every day? Well, it’s not simple but you can do it with lots of practice. If your child is whining because he is over tired, try and rest with him. Ok, there might be loads of washing up to do and your house is resembling like a tip, but if you rest with your toddler when he’s tired, it means you will have some energy later to do your chores. Remember, as long as it’s not a matter of life and death, house chores can be done later.

  1. Step away from the situation

If you feel you’re about to lose your temper with you toddler, walk away. As long as you make sure your toddler is safe, it’s ok to leave him crying. Sometimes, by giving yourself a breather, you’re also giving your toddler the time to calm down without you breathing down his neck.

  1. Keep time for yourself

Yes, it’s very important that at least once a week, you have some time for yourself. It may just be a time to have a long soak in the bath or have a lie-in one morning a week, but it has to be for you. Ask your husband to be in-charge. Since he’s in-charge allow him to do it his way and just enjoy your time.


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