Want to find a babysitter job but don’t know how? It’s actually easier than you think! Everyone needs a babysitter some time or another and the demand for them is huge! If you’re great with kids and love being around them, here are some ways to find a babysitter job near you:

  1. Enroll in an Infant CPR course

As a babysitter, you should already know how to do CPR on infants and children, but enrolling in a class is a good way to land a job! The class will be filled with lots of new parents and not only will you learn the essentials (or be able to refresh your knowledge), but you’ll also make contacts and be able to advertise your babysitting skills. Introduce yourself and talk to parents, letting them know that you’re available for hire. Parents will obviously know that you are serious about the job since you’re taking a CPR course.

  1. As current clients for referrals

If you already have a few clients, it’s time to think bigger! Create a  referral system where your current clients can spread the word about your babysitting services for a discount on future jobs. This way you get the word out on your skills and other parents know that you come highly recommended and are more likely to hire you to babysit their own children. Word of mouth is the best way to get the word out and will help you grow your babysitting business.

  1. Join a babysitting network

If you’re looking to expand your babysitting services, you can always join a babysitting network where you sign up and do a background check and then get added to the network’s list of babysitters. Parents then pay a membership and can go in and find qualified and credentialed babysitters like yourself. You get paid directly from the site and all transactions are done through there. You might have to pay a small commission for being in the network, though.

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