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Last signed in : 2013-01-06 09:40:05

A**** B*****

Age : 35
Gender : Female
london, Select County

I have been a nanny and housekeeper in London for 6 and a half years. I am a tidy person who also loves cooking, singing and reading. I am looking for a live out either part or full time position. I am away from 9-18.Jan. and wont be using my phone but i will be able to read my emails.

Last signed in : 2013-01-05 03:18:22

D**** A*****

Age : 33
Gender : Female
Putney, London

Dear Family, My name is Derya Alacam aged 29. I originally come from Turkey. After having had a degree in import-export from the University of Dumlupinar in Turkey, I decided to carry on my education professionally in English Language in the United Kingdom and have been awarded as a qualified English Teacher by doing the CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) course given by Cambridge University. During my education in London I have worked as a professional child carer. I strongly believe I would be a valuable asset for child/children because I have considerable experiences about looking after children aged between 4 months and 12 years since 2008 both in Cheltenham and London and also get on very well with them. I am very good at organising social and educational activities for children. It is an absolute pleasure for me to take them to the cinema, parks or swimming pool, help them with their homework, prepare and have meal with them. In a nut shell, I really love spending time with children. I am a caring, patient, reliable, determined and responsible person and interested in learning foreign languages, different cultures and learning how to play musical instruments. I enjoy outdoor pursuits such as going to the theatre, cinema, walking, cycling, hiking, travelling and love reading. I would be grateful if you could consider me for the position of full-time nanny. I can also give references on request in order that you can ask as many questions as you like to my previous families that I have worked with as an au-pair and child carer both in Cheltenham and London. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon. Kind Regards, Derya ALACAM

Last signed in : 2013-01-05 01:14:04

I**** R*****

Age : 37
Gender : Female
london, London

One of the things that I enjoy the most is work with babies and children as I have been taking care of one from his early days, thru all his childhood until he got 14 years old. I'm also experienced with taking care of disabled children. I consider myself as a reliable, motivated, energetic and positive as well as well-organised. My attitude regarding children is patient and tolerant. I like motivating activities for children. Other of my skills is cooking which I don't mind doing if is needed.

Last signed in : 2013-01-05 05:13:24

m**** c*****

Age : 31
Gender : Female
fulham, london, London

Dear Family, my name it's Miriam, I am an Italian girl of 24 years old. Since June I am in London as a nanny and at a same time I am improving my English language skill. I would love to study more about childcare, to improve my knowledge. I am a really positive person, I love stay with my friends and my family.

Last signed in : 2013-01-05 04:08:00

M**** M*****

Age : 31
Gender : Female
Acton, London

My name is Maris. Im a responsible, capable and reliable person seeking a job as a nanny. I am very active and energetic person- I love music, the theatre, cinema, concerts and travelling. I like being outdoors going for walks and picnics. Im a non- smoker, energetic and self- motivated and really enjoy working with children as their simple approach to every day life intrigues me and offer me a chance to learn from them. I am experienced with newborn and toddlers. I can also handle older children ages 3-... years old. I can cook, help with homework, activities and much more. I hope you would consider me as a suitable candidate to take care of your children. Thank you!

Last signed in : 2013-01-07 09:23:20

K**** S*****

Age : 38
Gender : Female
Ealing, London

Friendly,open,I love children.My hobby id drawing,singing,cooking,dancing.I love pets

Last signed in : 2013-01-04 02:05:53

C**** S*****

Age : 31
Gender : Female
London, Greater London

Dear Family, My name is Catalina, friends call me ďCatĒ and I am from Romania. In high school I studied philology and foreign languages I also had drama and creative writing classes, reading books is one of my hobbies since childhood and besides English at an advanced level I also speak Spanish very well and French at medium level. I am also getting my bachelors degree in Law next year. Even if I don t have any brothers and sisters I always had a numerous family and I grew up surrounded by my cousins, nephews and nieces and also I kind of raised them all, or at least I helped my grandma doing it because I am the eldest one of them all kids. I love children very much and I love spending time and playing with them. I definitely wish I was a child again, and since that is not possible anymore because now I am an adult with responsibilities and problems of my own, I think that working with pure and innocent kids is the last chance I have to gain back a tiny part of my own innocence and childhood. I believe that children must be taken very seriously because they are able to see and feel things around them that us, the adults don t take into consideration anymore, or if we do, we are too busy to care about those things. I played two years handball and eight years professional basketball being a team leader so I am a very active person who also loves jogging, swimming, dancing and who really enjoys long walks in the park. I am a pet lover because pets taught me that if you choose them right they can improve your life, especially in kids cases pets can help them develop in a better way their personality and teach them many things about sharing, caring, protection, devotion and love. I am also very tidy and neat and I like seeing things arranged and in order, I am very adaptable to different situations and flexible when it comes to extra babysitting, I tend to put your necessities and needs before mine because I thing that this means I m doing my job well. One of the main reasons for which I decided to come to the UK was that I love to travel and I think that it takes more than one week or two of vacation to get to know a country with its customs and believes, the people and language. Improving my level of English has been another goal of mine and by getting my IELTS certificate with a native speaker band score I have managed to prove myself that I have achieved this target of mine. I am looking forward to continue learning all I can about your country, love, respect and take care of your children and your house as if they were my own and hope to become a part of your family really soon!

Last signed in : 2013-01-04 01:45:01

M**** A*****

Age : 32
Gender : Female
London, London

I arrived in England 3 years and 8 months ago and I am pleased with the country and all the possibilities that can offer. I am a sincere person , fun and fair, I like to socialise and I am very responsible, I can work on indication but I can do very well on my own initiative. I like to put passion and effort in everything I do and I donít give up easily, if I start something I will take it to the end. I have worked with children for more then 6 years and I love doing this, I started by doing babysitting then I became an au pair for a family that after 1 year they decided I should be their nanny because the children liked me so much and the family like me being involved in the children life and education. My experience has given me good knowledge on child development stages making me understand their needs and how to meet them. I can create a stimulating, positive, loving environment where children could grow and learn in same time. I consider myself mature, hard working, reliable, responsible, patient, honest and loyal

Last signed in : 2013-01-04 02:04:01

C**** B*****

Age : 37
Gender : Female
London, London

Dear family :) My name is Cristina and I am from Barcelona. I read your ad and I am very interested to meet you, or at least to have a chat with u by phone. I have been in London for nearly two years and I am currently working as a Nanny for a great American family. I would like to find another family because they only can offer me some hours. I am an engineer, but I honestly I prefer enjoying children and feeling useful, that's why I am looking for a new family. I consider myself like a normal girl who enjoys simple things like just an smile from someone. I love photography, and some sports like skating, swimming and bicycling. I really like arts, travelling and helping people. I am 31 years old, I have a clean driving license and nearly 2 years of experience driving in London. I am fun, easy going, lovely, affectionate and I donít smoke. It would make me very happy helping the children with their homework or teach them Spanish. I used to teach in Spain and it is really rewarding for me. I donít have any problem to babysitting even during the weekends. I think I didnít forget anything important to say so I just have to tell you that I am looking forward to hearing from you. Sincerely, Cristina B

Last signed in : 2013-01-04 08:40:18

R**** D*****

Age : 44
Gender : Female
Peckham Rye, London

I am a confident individual with an outgoing personality, reliable, trustful, energetic, patient, clean person. I love to work with kids as is very rewarding job seeing them improving in their social, emotional and physical skills. Kids are fun and innocents and they deserve the best care.